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How many Stars?

Scientists in Yale University in the US have just finished counting all the stars in the Universe.  There are 300 sextillion stars in the sky. That’s 300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Stars. Why not try counting and checking to see if they’re right. 🙂 … Continue reading

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New Galaxy Cluster

Astronomers using Hubble have just issued an image of a massive galaxy cluster located 2.2 billion light years away. The cluster contains about 1,000 galaxies and trillions of stars.

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Mars Rovers

The current news from Mars is that Spirit is still out of touch.  No contact has been made since March 22 2010. Opportunity is still (slowly) making its way towards a crater name Endeavour.

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The International Space Station

Because I know you all love to get get up really early to get ready for school the following might be nice to know. On the morning of 04th December between the hours of 7:43am and 7:49am the International Space … Continue reading

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Space Shuttle Discovery

The Space Shuttle Discovery’s final mission has now been set for the 17th December 2010.  The shuttle launch is set for 8:51 pm (that’s 3:51 pm in Ireland).

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Space Shuttle Discovery-Postponed

The final mission of the Space Shuttle Discovery has been postponed until the 03rd December at the earliest.  This will be the 133 mission involving a shuttle.  Discovery will be carrying spare parts to the International Space Station. Keep checking … Continue reading

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