Apollo 11

The crew of Apollo 11

The crew of Apollo 11

The Apollo 11 space flight landed the first humans on Earth’s Moon on July 20th 1969. The mission, carried out by the United States, is considered a major accomplishment in the history of exploration and represented a victory by the U.S. in the Cold War Space Race with the Soviet Union.

Launched from Florida on July 16th, Apollo 11 was crewed by Commander Neil Alden Armstrong, Command Module Pilot Michael Collins, and Lunar Module Pilot Edwin Eugene “Buzz” Aldrin, Jr.

On July 20th, Armstrong and Aldrin landed in the Sea of Tranquility and became the first humans to walk on the Moon. Their landing craft, Eagle, spent 21 hours and 31 minutes on the lunar surface while Collins orbited above in the command ship, Columbia. The three astronauts returned to Earth with 21.55 kilogrammes of lunar rocks and landed in the Pacific Ocean on July 20th 1969.

The first man on the Moon
The first man on the Moon

As the Lunar Module touched the surface of the Moon in an area called The Sea of Tranquility (Mare Tranquillitatis in the Latin language) the first words heard back on Earth were

“Houston. Tranquility Base here.  The Eagle has landed.”

Neil Armstrong had the honour of being the first man to set foot on the Moon.  As he descended the ladder of the Lunar Module his words were heard by millions around the world.

“That’s one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind.”

They left behind a plaque reading;

“Here men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the Moon, July 1969 AD.  We came in peace for all Mankind.”

In all there were 6 landings on the Moon.

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Here you will find some video clips and animations of the first Moon Landing.

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